Applied technology:

The DISKO microfiber technology is the result of long-lasting research and development. With the high-quality microfiber materials, which are attached to a plastic core using a high-frequency technique, our cards are able to clean several different component parts, without using any chemical solvents, just dry cleaning.
Just by friction dust, dirt, fat and even oxide residues are removed and get absorbed within the fiber material. Laboratory researches have shown that reading heads and chip reading contacts are significantly cleaner after a dry cleaning with DISKO cleaning cards with microfiber technology than after a cleaning with moistened cleaning cards. These results can be documented easily with an expertise from one of the biggest European device manufacturers. Of course dust and dirt also get solved by the chemical solvents of the moistened cleaning cards, but only swims on the top layer of these cards and cannot get absorbed. As a result most of the dirt is transferred back to the cleaned surfaces again. Completely different with DISKO cleaning cards - the solved dirt gets immediately absorbed and held by the microfiber material and no backing transfer is possible. 

DISKO microfiber technology is especially environmentally friendly. Neither chemical solvents are used nor is it necessary to pack the cleaning cards into single sachets of compound foil.


DISKO microfiber technology for sure is the best choice. Not only the top of the component gets cleaned but also the curves at the side. The microfiber cloth, which is only welded on the brink of the card, buckles during the cleaning process and thereby matches perfect with the curves of the components..

All negative side-effects of wet cleaning, mostly using alcoholic solvents, like for example the hardening of the rubber rolls, are now a thing of the past.


DISKO cleaning cards with precision spring drive is the only cleaning product worldwide, which is able to clean lowering chip reading contacts - so called €žlanding contacts€œ - properly without the need of dismantling.

DISKO microfiber technology can be used a number of times and is therefore very cost-effective.


DISKO - microfiber technology - the right choice for every application!

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