Dust remover – compressed cleaning gas

Entfernt rasch und zuverlässig Staub und Papierteile von schwer zugänglichen Stellen wie elektronischen Bauteilen, Gehäusen, Tastaturen, Druckern usw.

removes quickly and effectively dust and pieces of paper from hardware components which are difficult to access, such as electronic components, enclosures, keyboards, printers etc.

Product features:
  • 100% non-inflammable, without any flammable components, therefore completely safe in use and storage
  • The temperature of burst of the bottle is higher than 80°C, so no danger in hot cars
  • High gas-density, so the exhaust velocity is very low despite the high spraying power, less fluid gas is changed in the can into gas, whereby the can cools down very slow and – compared to conventional gases – 3 times more spraying volume is available
  • The same spraying power till the last drop
  • Pistol grip vent for better targeted precision (flexible directional nozzle, which makes it possible to aim the gas with precision)


Dust remover – compressed gas spray

Dust remover – compressed gas spray

(often called compressed air)
  • bottle E3, 520,
  • content: 430 g
article nr. 1224

Flexible extension tube for DISKO dust remover

Flexible extension tube for DISKO dust remover

To protect the hardware from damages through cold shocks the extension tube can be attached easily on the pistol grip (the directional nozzle). The high flexibility of the material and a length of 50 cm makes it possible to take accurate aim without the need of turning around or bending the bottle. No cold liquid gas can escape and the cold shocks can be avoided.

Extension tube,
50 cm incl. adapter

article nr. 1225


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