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Bank service equipment offers a lot of application possibilities. Deposit and/or withdrawal of banknotes, account statements printing, money transfer, request for account statement, etc. Even coin processing is possible on some devices.

As the cleaning methods of the other features (as ATMs, bundle note acceptors or recycling modules) are already described in different sections, this part comprises only the scanners for scanning the transfer forms.

For a proper reading, the document has to be lead through a camera (scanner unit). During this procedure the document comes direct into contact with the scanner unit and leaves a lot of dirt, partially even rests of the ink which still hasn’t dried entirely. All the contamination has to be removed regularly to preserve the functionality of the scanner.

Cleaning kit for receipt module in NCR machines

Cleaning kit for receipt module in NCR machines

  • box with 25 cleaning cards (101 x 160 mm)
article nr. 1970

Cleaning kit for receipt module TOSCA3

Cleaning kit for receipt module TOSCA3

in machines with receipt function of Diebold and Keba


  • 12 intensive cleaning pads DISKO
  • 12 cleaning swabs DISKO

article nr. 16021642

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